Job title: Data Scientist
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary type: Monthly
Salary from: €3,000.00 EUR
Salary to: €4,000.00 EUR
Job published: 2024-04-09
Job ID: 32555

Job Description

We are looking for a Data Scientist (Computer vision) for an Innovative product company (Healthcare), located in Estonia. The company helps skincare brands provide skin testing and build interactive product recommendations on e-commerce platforms.

The Company's research team is dedicated to developing a cutting-edge data analytics pipeline and insight generation engine specifically tailored for skincare applications. The Company's focus lies in leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionize skincare practices, catering to the needs of skincare retailers and clinics through innovative solutions.

The Company's flagship product is an advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to streamline the collection of high-quality skin data. By harnessing the power of computer vision technology, The Company enables skincare brands to conduct precise skin testing and offer interactive product recommendations across various online and offline platforms.

As a member of The Company's team, you will be tasked with a range of responsibilities aimed at advancing our technology and delivering valuable insights to our stakeholders. These responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing deep learning algorithms for various computer vision tasks such as segmentation, classification, and image generation.
  • Applying classical computer vision techniques to solve specific problems in the skincare domain.
  • Reporting findings to internal stakeholders through clear and concise presentations.
  • Conducting ad-hoc reporting to effectively communicate results and insights.
  • Analyzing data using statistical techniques to identify trends and patterns relevant to skincare.
  • Engaging in research and development activities focused on computer vision for skincare applications.

To excel in this role, you should possess a strong proficiency in Python programming, particularly with experience in frameworks such as Pytorch, scikit-learn, pandas, and numpy. Additionally, familiarity with OpenCV or similar computer vision libraries is essential. A deep understanding of deep learning algorithms and architectures, particularly CNNs and visual transformers, is highly desirable.

The Company's ideal candidate would also have expertise in segmentation, classification, and image generation tasks, along with the ability to stay updated with the latest research and trends in computer vision and machine learning. Creative thinking and analytical skills are crucial for applying computer vision techniques to novel problems effectively.

While experience with meta and self-supervised learning algorithms, as well as generative models like GANs and diffusion models, is considered a significant plus, it is not mandatory. Familiarity with cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS, or GCP is also advantageous.

The Company provides a dynamic and supportive work environment where creativity is encouraged, and you'll have the opportunity to work on developing our core product. Along with a competitive salary, we offer benefits such as 28 days of annual leave, a comfortable office space in Tallinn with excellent amenities, including coffee, regular offline and online events, and team outings. We also support remote work with a flexible schedule and provide all necessary development and testing devices. Moreover, we foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity, valuing contributions from individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences.